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Apple's newest product is a screen on your wrist, with its own operating system and software. Tech correspondent Alexis Madrigal calls the Apple Watch "a powerful extension of what your phone can do."
Michelle Goldberg is a senior contributing writer for The Nation....
In her new book, Michelle Goldberg traces the Western practice of yoga to a Russian woman named Indra Devi. Goldberg says that many of the poses in modern yoga can't be traced beyond 150 years ago.
A Stradivarius cello is at the center of Elena Delbanco's new novel, The Silver Swan. Delbanco dicusses how the book echoes her own childhood, as the daughter of a renowned cellist.
Sen. Rand Paul blocked extension of a program that allowed bulk collection of Americans' phone records during a Sunday Senate session. And, more candidates are announcing a run for the White House.
Researchers say it's the first discovery of a wreck that sank while carrying slaves. Renee Montagne talks to Lonnie Bunch of the Smithsonian's National Museum of African-American History and Culture.
While Ukrainians fear another offensive, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a measure saying that Russian military casualties during peacetime will now be considered a state secret.