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Wrapped in gold and silver foil, chocolate gelt are often handed out as a li...
Many Jewish families celebrate the holiday by handing out gelt, chocolate coins covered in gold and silver. These days they're treats for kids. But the practice began as a way to thank labor.
A poster of Baha Abu Jarad, a member of the Fatah movement, who was killed b...
The two leading Palestinian factions recently agreed to end a feud and work together. But in the Gaza Strip, the wounds have not healed from a nasty bout of infighting in 2007.
Ben Edelman told the food he ordered was "delicious."...
When Ben Edelman was overcharged for his takeout, he threatened legal action. After the story went viral, he apologized. It made NPR's Scott Simon wonder if it might be better to be wise than right.
Civil rights leaders and other activists are marching in Washington, D.C., on Saturday to pressure Congress to take action in the wake of recent shooting deaths of blacks by police officers.
The Senate is poised to pass the trillion-dollar spending bill that narrowly cleared the House this week. But anger about the measure from both parties has delayed the Senate.
Bloomberg View columnist Stephen Carter tells NPR's Scott Simon that, whether or not the CIA's interrogation techniques produced viable intelligence, they were still morally wrong.