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Students at Duksung Women's University in Seoul held a sleeping contest. Contestants had 5 minutes to fall into a deep sleep. The winner and runner-up got cash prizes. Third place received a pillow.
Evan Grant took off from the airport where he trained. Air traffic controllers talked him into landing. He's charged with grand theft auto, under a law that also covers planes.
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The main character in Aleksandar Hemon's new book is a hapless screenwriter who's never faced real hardship. But after an affair with a Bosnian refugee, he can no longer avoid the realities of war.
Steve Coleman's new album is called Synovial Joints....
Saxophonist and composer Steve Coleman's new album for large ensemble is called Synovial Joints, after the different ways the human body moves. The MacArthur Fellow explains how nature inspires him.
Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake lifted the citywide curfew and Maryland's governor declared Sunday a day of prayer and peace.
Saturday's "Fight of the Century" ended in disappointment for Manny Pacquiao fans. But for Filipino-American families, he remains a hero for the ages.