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Kurdish fighters have recaptured a strategic Syrian city from the so-called Islamic State. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Joshua Landis at the University of Oklahoma about the Kurds' strategy.
More details are emerging about Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old suspect in the shooting deaths of nine people in Charleston. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Northeastern University professor James Fox.
The deadline has passed for illegal immigrants in the Dominican Republic to begin the process to get regularized or to get out of the country. Authorities say most illegal immigrants will be deported.
After an emotional day in Charleston, the city remembers victims of a mass shooting with an evening prayer vigil. It comes after a dramatic hearing where the suspect made a first court appearance.
Putting up with the squawks and squeaks of elementary school band takes patience. A Michigan music store is helping kids stick it out by making sure they choose the right instrument.
This week police in Hamilton, Ontario, took on a slippery threat to public safety: a four-foot long pool of maple syrup. At least that's what they thought. NPR's Scott Simon reflects on the mess.