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Kharkiv has largely escaped the ravages of the war until recently. It has been hit by several terrorist bombings, including a blast at a Ukrainian national unity rally last month that killed 4 people.
The controversial measure is part of an overall healthcare bill expected to pass into law. Spain, Israel and Italy have rules against ultrathin models, but none go as far as the French measure would.
The fast-growing organic sector hasn't enjoyed a succinct motto. The Organic Trade Association wants growers to help pay for one. The idea is splitting farmers, processors and marketers into factions.
Giant paper mache eggs were filled with meat and veggies. Orangutans cracked them open to find bok choy and broccoli. No word if zoo keepers jumped into bunny costumes to stash the goodies.
In Italy, taking restaurant leftovers home is considered vulgar. But now diners are being encourage to embrace the doggy bag to combat food waste. The push coincides with a food sustainability summit.
Dom = Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) Shaw's security force = Owen Shaw (Jason Stat...
Jack Gill has been a stunt driver on Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider and many iconic action films. For Furious 7, he figured out how to toss cars out of a flying airplane. He tells us how.