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The theoretical physicist has been using the same communication system for more than 20 years, until now. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Horst Haussecker of Intel about the new and faster technology.
For years, the American Red Cross has said that 91 percent of donations go to help victims of disasters. The only problem? It's not true. This story originally aired Dec. 4 on All Things Considered.
Sunday Puzzle...
Every answer today is a familiar two-word phrase or name with the initial letters N and O.
Kiyan Williams (right) told friend Darnell Moore about the struggle of growi...
Kiyan Williams tells Darnell Moore about growing up in Newark as a kid who liked lipstick and eyeliner. There was a lot of judgment — but surprising moments of bonding, too.
No need to wonder what's in this bologna; The Herbivorous Butcher lists ever...
Kale and Aubry Walch plan to open the country's first vegan butcher shop. Their goal: to free vegans from enduring yet another tofurkey holiday.