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Melissa Block speaks with Jonathan Boone, Pakistan correspondent for The Guardian, about the Taliban attack on a school in Peshawar.
Audie Cornish talks to Shuja Nawaz, a distinguished fellow at the Atlantic Council, about how Pakistan got to the point of the Taliban taking revenge on the children of the Pakistani military.
The King Fire burned 100,000 acres in the Eldorado National Forest in Northe...
Heavy rains are hitting drought-stricken California. But instead of sinking into the earth, the water is rushing away in areas burned by wildfire, raising the danger of mudslides.
First Officer Dheeraj Singh spends most of his time at the helm of a contain...
Most of us pack a lot of trips to the mall into the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But what if you could only go shopping for just a few hours once a month?
The pipeline's fate looms large in Washington. But for people living in Keystone XL's proposed path, the project will alter livelihoods and legacies — for better or worse, depending on whom you ask.
Viv Albertine....
Making new sounds while staying mindful of the past is a common theme in the Fresh Air music critic's year-end list.