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The CEO of SurveyMonkey was known for his generosity toward colleagues and for supporting the career of his wife, Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg. He died while vacationing with his family in Mexico.
Writers Richard Paul and Steven Moss's new book is called We Could Not Fail. It's about the first African-Americans to work for NASA. They profile 10 African-American scientists and engineers.
Arthur Kamberis was part of the invasion of Okinawa. The robber reached for his wallet but Kamberis wasn't going to give that up — not with pictures of his grandchildren inside.
Josh Lewis was making a delivery to a hospital when he was carjacked. The Louisville Courier-Journal reports that while being treated for stab wounds, he called the pizzeria for a fresh delivery.
President Obama said Tuesday he will nominate Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation's highest-ranking military officer.
Laurell Glenn lives in West Baltimore and has been watching the events in her city closely, with mixed feelings. She has ties to both police and protesters.