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Robert Glasper's new piano trio album is called Covered....
The jazz pianist has spent the past five years essentially making modern R&B records. On the new Covered he returns to a more traditional form, but adds an eclectic twist to keep things interesting.
A soldier in the Russian army posed, rifle in hand, for a snapshot at a batt...
Like young adults everywhere, soldiers in the Russian military are fond of documenting their doings via social media. One journalist traced a soldier's presence in Ukraine through his photos online.
Parishioners returned Sunday morning to the Emanuel AME Church for the first worship service since Wednesday's mass shooting.
in the country promo image...
Mia Alvar's new short story collection spans the globe — from Manila to New York to Manama, Bahrain — to offer a more complicated narrative of Filipino exiles, emigres and wanderers.
The acclaimed author died in New York at age 90. A master of his craft, Salter never received the mainstream success many believe he deserved. His novels include A Sport and a Pastime and All That Is.
An elite search-and-rescue team from Los Angeles County is always ready to respond to emergencies around the world — most recently, in earthquake-ravaged Nepal.