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Rolling Stone says new discrepancies have emerged in its recent story about an alleged campus rape at the University of Virginia.
Activists completed their more than 120-mile march from Ferguson to the Missouri state capitol building in Jefferson City. Melissa Block speaks to NAACP President Cornell William Brooks.
Fresh Air rock critic Ken Tucker says that one of the best books he's ever read about punk rock is a new memoir by Viv Albertine.
McLagan, who died at 69, helped define the sound of '60s British rock with his bands Small Faces and Faces. He toured with the Rolling Stones, Dylan and Billy Bragg. He appeared on Fresh Air in 2004.
In the Australian chiller, a bogeyman announces himself in a rhyming, pop-up book on a 7-year-old's shelf. But the real horror is that the boy's mom, a grieving widow, is battling psychic demons.
Audie Cornish talks with Dr. Marva Robinson, a clinical psychologist who has been working with people in Ferguson, Mo., to help them recognize signs of psychological trauma and to deal with the trauma they've experienced.