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He fell on the fields of France in 1918 along with a locket containing a strand of hair and inscribed with the name of his sweetheart in Canada. He will now get a full military funeral.
House Speaker John Boehner will be a key player if the White House and the new Congress are going to get anything meaningful done.
Melissa Block talks to New York Times reporter Coral Davenport about the impact of a GOP majority Congress on environmental policies.
Now that the Republicans control the House and Senate, they've got their eyes on the Affordable Care Act. Which parts will President Obama veto and which parts will he inevitably have to give up?
Pro-cannabis ballot measures were approved in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. in the midterms. Robert Siegel checks in with Chris Walsh, managing editor of Marijuana Business Media.
In the wake of coast-to-coast defeats, Democrats are looking through the election returns for lessons.