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A Mexican broadcaster has fired one of the country's most prestigious journalists and set off a firestorm over freedom of expression and the press.
As Morning Edition wraps up its series on the role of land and identity in the Israel-Palestine conflict, Steve Inskeep talks to Israeli author Gershom Gorenberg about the history of the settlements.
Four tropical cyclones have been sweeping through the western Pacific and the Indian Ocean. One slammed into the island nation of Vanuatu. Having four cyclones at once is rare but not unheard of.
The chain says no to giant games of hide and seek in its European stores. Ikea let it happen once in Belgium. But when thousands wanted to play in the Netherlands, it said it wouldn't be safe.
Judy Rivers told a Senate panel she had trouble getting a job after being declared dead by the Social Security Administration. She was accidentally placed in the agency's "Death Master File."
NPR's Don Gonyea speaks with UNICEF spokeswoman Alice Clements about the situation in Vanuatu. A cyclone tore through the South Pacific island nation this weekend.