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Republican Ted Cruz jumped into the race for the presidency, announcing his intentions in a tweet shortly after midnight Monday. Cruz is the first major candidate to outright declare he is running.
Twelve ex-educators are accused of changing students' test scores in a scandal dating back to 2009. Jurors have six months of evidence to go through, including testimony from more than 130 witnesses.
Former NPR audio engineer Bill Deputy died over the weekend of lung cancer. He understood how sound could create pictures — pictures as vivid as any painting and as clear as any photo. He was 58.
Germany, which has backed most of the bailout loans to Greece, wants Greeks to stick to austerity measures. The new Greek government says austerity has destroyed the economy.
For two years, the zoo said Luka was a male when the bear was really a female. The zoo explained that it's difficult to identify the sex of juvenile Andean bears.
Nigel Hayes peppered a news conference with words not usually heard during such an event. It turns out, he and some teammates were fascinated with the woman who transcribes their press conferences.