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Gary Walters demonstrates his self-cooling prosthetic....
An Iraq war veteran has developed a better artificial leg with a cooling fan. Gary Walters says most prosthesis don't release heat, causing many amputees to stop wearing them.
More than 1 million public school students in the U.S. don't have permanent homes. Most live doubled up with family or friends, but many live in motels, emergency shelters, campgrounds — even cars.
BASETRACK Live incorporates photographs, videos and interviews to tell the s...
A new multimedia stage production, led by a Juilliard composer and an Iraq veteran who took up acting, hopes to help struggling soldiers battle their post-traumatic stress.
Tristan Walker founded Code2040, an internship program designed to bring Lat...
Tristan Walker, founder and CEO of Walker & Company Brands, and J.J. McCorvey, a writer at Fast Company, discuss the tech industry's diversity problem.
The U.S. and China are easing visa rules for each other's citizens. It's a reciprocal agreement that President Obama says will benefit everyone — from students, to tourists, to businesses.
Obama announced at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit that the U.S. and China reached an "understanding" that will lead to expanding goods covered by the Information Technology Agreement.