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A judge has ruled that maps for two Florida congressional districts were drawn in a way that violates the state constitution.
Kentucky hog farmer Travis Hood with Luther, a young Red Wattle boar. Hood s...
Travis Hood is raising a rare species of pig called the Red Wattle. He's part of a small but growing movement across the country to hold on to biodiversity and save heritage breeds.
At the crash site of the Malaysia Airlines jet in eastern Ukraine, international observers are trying to keep tabs on the rebels' treatment of victims' bodies and potential evidence from the scene.
For the first time since the first century, there are basically no Christians left in the historic Iraqi city of Mosul.
Hidden economic forces like job-specific segregation are keeping young minorities out of the job market.
It's not always easy to figure out when symptoms are signals of a disease, a...
It's been tough to identify the problems that only turn up after medicines are on the market. An experimental project is now combing through data to get earlier, more accurate warnings.