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The Los Angeles City Council is set to give final approval to 2 ordinances that would make it easier for police to clear homeless encampments. At the same time, homelessness is increasing.
Gov. Nikki Haley on Monday called for the Confederate flag to be removed from the state capitol, following the shooting last week at the historic black church in Charleston. Nine people died.
Dylann Roof is said to have visited slave plantations and a Confederate museum in the weeks before he allegedly penned a racist website rant. He's accused of killing 9 African-Americans in Charleston.
Some academics, librarians and history students have been rallying around the hashtag Charleston Syllabus, suggesting readings that might help inform the public of some of the city's history.
Taylor Swift fought Apple, and seems to have won: It will pay royalties during the free trial period of its music streaming service. But Swift isn't the only artist to stand up to Internet services.
Officials with the New York State Police say they have found physical evidence in a hunting cabin that they have tied to the two prison escapees. They have not revealed what the items are.