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Early Sunday, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit Napa Valley — shaking some houses off their foundations, sparking fires and causing extensive damage to the historic downtown district.
Lord Richard Attenborough, the acclaimed actor and Oscar-winning director died Sunday. He forged a lengthy acting career. As a director, he was known for Gandhi, for which he won two Academy Awards.
The BBC reports that on Saturday more than 400 garden gnomes were stolen from an Austrian town, where they were holding election campaign signs while tied to lampposts.
Frieda Turkmenilli says she noticed a few bees flying around her Queens, N.Y., apartment. Beekeepers were called to investigate and found 50,000 bees living in her ceiling.
Fresh Air listens backs to interviews with The Simpsons' creator, writers and actors ahead of the show's marathon on FXX. Author Stephan Eirik Clark talks about his new novel Sweetness #9.
Lebanon Levi, center, is depicted as the ringleader in Discovery's Amish Maf...
Locals in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania — where the Amish community plays a big part in agriculture and tourism — are speaking out against reality TV shows like Breaking Amish and Amish Mafia.