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Acaraje are a regional food in Brazil made from fried balls of mashed-up bea...
There's virtually no Brazilian fare inside the World Cup stadiums, but outside you'll find proud vendors of traditional foods. They fought FIFA to be there, and surprisingly, they won.
We listen to some of our Scorekeeper Emeritus Carl Kasell's greatest sound effects.
Before he was the star of a hilarious series of Old Spice commercials, Terry Crews played for the championship Western Michigan University Broncos in Kalamazoo. Originally broadcast March 22, 2014.
We listen back to Peter Sagal's punbearable limerick game promos.
Because Shalhoub has played a Monk, (the obsessive compulsive detective on the TV series Monk), we're going to ask him three questions about nuns. Originally broadcast March 6, 2010.
Our panelists share three stories of someone standing up for what they believe in, only one of which is true. Originally broadcast March 22, 2014.