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After a night of violent riots broke out in parts of Baltimore City Monday, local residents were focused on rebuilding and getting a handle on things after a tense night. But they also had another thing in mind: the possibility that new waves of violence could shatter the relative morning calm Tuesday.
President Obama called the perpetrators of the violence "criminals" during a joint news conference with the Japanese prime minister Tuesday. He said their actions obscured peaceful protests.
The NFL has decided to forgo its tax exempt status. NPR's Robert Siegel talks to author Gregg Easterbrook, who's book The King of Sports: Football's Impact on America talks about the NFL's surprising tax status.
Decades of wear and tear and damage from Hurricane Sandy have taken it's toll on the boardwalk. New York's Parks Department wants to refurbish the boards with plastic composite and concrete.
As ABC's Dancing with the Stars celebrates its 10th anniversary, we explain why Russian Jewish immigrants and their descendants have stepped to the front of this country's ballroom dance scene.
Anne Hathaway plays a nameless drone pilot in Julie Taymor's latest directin...
The political, one-woman play starring Anne Hathaway seems to be the opposite of what Taymor — the creative force behind Broadway's The Lion King and Spider-Man musical — is known for.