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In the '90s, Kutler helped uncover secrets of the Nixon administration: He and an advocacy group sued the National Archives for about 200 hours of White House tapes. Kutler died Tuesday; he was 80.
Miami will be the scene of another expected presidential announcement. Sen. Marco Rubio is set to announce he's running for the GOP presidential nomination on Monday.
The pope continues his theme of outspoken criticism against the complicity of silence of today's world community against the persecution of Christians and other minorities by Islamic extremists.
Tens of thousands of people were in Washington, D.C. to enjoy an explosion of pink and white. The National Cherry Blossom Festival wrapped up on Sunday just as the blossoms were hitting their peak.
The National Hockey League is by far the least diverse of the four major pro sports leagues in the U.S. The numbers of minority players is on the rise, but barriers still remain.
Hillary Clinton has made it official: she's running for president in 2016. Sen. Marco Rubio is set to announce his presidential plans Monday. In Panama, leaders wrapped up the Summit of the Americas.