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Fresh Air rock critic Ken Tucker says the album is one of Yoakam's most stylistically diverse.
Reporter Gregory Johnsen talks about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, how the chaos is impacting the U.S. fight against al-Qaida and how he escaped a kidnapping attempt in Yemen last year.
President Obama announced that a U.S. drone strike killed two hostages held by al-Qaida: one American and one Italian. Separate operations also killed two U.S. citizens who were members of al-Qaida.
Texas ice cream maker Blue Bell Creameries has recalled all its products over Listeria concerns. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the outbreak has been going on for five years.
The popularity of fondue wasn't an accident. It was planned by a shadowy association of Swiss cheese makers. A cheese cartel basically ruled the Swiss economy for 80 years, until fairly recently.
Migrants who have made the perilous trip across the Mediterranean say their journeys to Europe were made possible by a network of professional traffickers.