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The beloved storybook character probably won't have a new playground named after him in one Polish town. Some officials there complained about the bear's immodest clothing.
If men want to understand child birth, a hospital in China will simulate contractions. A nurse will shock a man's abdomen with electrodes for up to five minutes.
Penguins of Madagascar follows a spy team of penguins, who first appeared in...
Tom McGrath, an executive producer of Penguins of Madagascar who also co-directed the first three films in the franchise, says he came to voice the part of the penguin Skipper kind of by accident.
The group Thompson includes folk musicians Richard and Linda Thompson and th...
Folk heroes Richard and Linda Thompson split up, creatively and romantically, in the early 1980s. Now their son Teddy has brought them together — along with other family members — for a new album.
A researcher at Virginia Commonwealth University is experimenting with putting magnets in football helmets to dull the impact. NPR's Tess Vigeland speaks with neuroscientist Raymond Colello.
Many assume that sleeping 8 or 9 consecutive hours at night is instinctual. But in a recent essay in Aeon, Karen Emslie says that this sleep schedule is in fact distinctly modern.