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Fortunate Nyakupinda earns a living by selling secondhand clothes from the b...
The country's in crisis. But Fortunate Nyakupinda manages to earn a living by selling secondhand clothes. Although she'll be the first to tell you: A $10 profit disappears in a flash.
Mumford & Sons' electrified new album is called Wilder Mind....
The electrified new album Wilder Mind turns the band's "arena folk" sound on a dime. "It's almost like being a teenager again," says singer Marcus Mumford.
NPR's Melissa Block speaks with Andrew Jennings, a journalist and author who has written extensively about the culture of corruption in FIFA that went all the way up to the president, Sepp Blatter.
Farmers are being widely criticized during the California drought because agriculture uses the majority of the state's water. But some avocado farmers are cutting back by employing new techniques.
Infiltrating the Dark Net....
Jamie Bartlett exposes an encrypted underworld to the Internet in his book The Dark Net: "Anybody with something to hide, whether it's for good reasons or for ill, finds a very natural home there."
The new album by the veteran musician and his band Ngoni Ba conveys the restless march of time and the transience of all human conditions. Milo Miles calls it "the most satisfying sort of catchy."