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Many in Sierra Leone say they still have faith that Ebola will be eliminated soon, but there's still a sense of terror and uncertainty throughout the country.
The White House is trying to reprogram police culture with tighter rules for the use of force and a greater emphasis on defusing conflict. Veteran cops say it's a philosophy may get them killed.
Simmons criticized NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case and pointedly called him a "liar." Melissa Block talks with David Folkenflik.
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani told the U.N. that the solution to the problem of ISIS now must involve the region. He also said resolving the Iran nuclear issue could lead to greater cooperation.
Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation on Thursday. He says he will step down as soon as the Senate confirms his successor.
Plaster casts taken from soldiers' mutilated faces (top row), new sculpted f...
World War I left many soldiers with disfiguring scars. For those whose faces were no longer recognizable, an American artist, Anna Coleman Ladd, sculpted masks to cover their injuries.