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In Salem, Oregon, a woman discovered her lizard wasn't moving. She started chest compressions and blew air in its mouth, performing CPR on the lizard until it was revived.
Secret Service agents scrambled and the White House was put on lock down. A spokesman joked that they do want to interrogate the young man when he learns to talk.
Charles Cumming hooks NPR book reviewer Alan Cheuse with his latest spy novel, A Colder War.
The National Weather Service is forecasting that for the first time in 22 years, Hawaii will be hit directly by a hurricane — two, in fact. Hurricane Iselle is expected to make landfall soon, and Hurricane Julio is right on its tail.
Jason Taylor signals to his teammates during a game in 2011. Those fingers e...
Taylor played through countless injuries, even one that kept him in a catheter on the field. But sitting out an injury "doesn't make you less of a man," he says — just a different type of competitor.
Russia reacted to Western economic sanctions by imposing a yearlong ban on U.S. and European food products. Moscow also made clear it's still considering other measures.