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Several recent incidents of black men being shot by police have sparked national news coverage and policy debates. We examine what forces in the media and society are fueling this level of attention.
Seldes was a distinctive presence on Broadway performing in the works of Tennessee Williams, Samuel Beckett and Edward Albee among others. She won a Tony Award in 1965.
Americans Eric Betzig and William Moerner and German scientist Stefan Hell have won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for "the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy."
The midterm elections are less than a month away, and across the country, governors are in trouble. In both parties, state chief executives are facing tough re-election fights.
When one of the company's trucks with the slogan "We Fit" on the back recently got stuck under a bridge, social media hilarity ensued.
Eric Snydor tells KDKA TV that he was working in a convenience store in Pittsburgh when a gunman demanded money. The robber didn't know the clerk was once the Western Pennsylvania Golden Gloves champ.