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A Berlin distillery created a lemon-vodka drink called Grexit. That's the term for Greece's possible exit from the Eurozone, which some Germans may well toast.
A decade ago, a struggling train station in Japan anointed its calico cat Tama the stationmaster. The cat attracted so many tourists that she was credited with saving the station from bankruptcy.
Melissa Mathis holds a container of freeze-dried placenta capsules....
Texas now explicitly allows the placenta to be taken home after giving birth in a hospital. It came about at the urging of people who feel consuming dried and encapsulated placenta helps new mothers.
Ben Mezrich at the premiere of 21, the film adaptation of Bringing down the ...
Ben Mezrich had been a struggling author, without a regular job and knee-deep in debt. But that all changed at a dive bar in Boston, when Mezrich saw a local college student whip out a $100 bill.
One commentator worries that, going forward, other serious issues for LGBT Americans may garner less support "because it's just not as fun to be involved in" as in the marriage equality movement.
Ben Wideman (left) is the campus minister for University Mennonite Church in...
America's largest Mennonite group is divided over how to handle LGBT membership and same-sex marriage. As some call for "Christian forebearance" on disagreements, others wonder how far it can stretch.