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Journalist Ayman Oghanna and Gen.Fadhil Barwari (right), commander of the Fi...
Ayman Oghanna was embedded with Iraqi special forces in Ramadi two days before the city fell to the self-declared Islamic State. He says Iraq's elite forces are capable, but need far more support.
Armed Palestinian masked militants push back a crowd of worshippers outside ...
The human rights organization says Hamas deliberately killed at least 23 Palestinians during the war with Israel last summer. Those killed were accused by Hamas of collaborating with Israel.
Peter Sagal has taken more than a few potshots at his home state over the years, so we'll quiz Weinberg, a proud son of Newark, on some of New Jersey's highlights. Originally broadcast Dec. 6, 2014.
The R&B artist joins Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! to play our Not My Job game — in which we ask important people three unimportant questions. Originally broadcast on May 23, 2014.
Clinton, the founding father of funk, is the creator of the bands Parliament and Funkadelic. We'll quiz him on another kind of parliament — the British Parliament. Originally broadcast Jan 24, 2015.
We've invited Troy Andrews — better known as Trombone Shorty — to answer three questions about instruments you've probably never heard of. Originally broadcast March 14, 2015.