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Haiti's self-proclaimed "president for life" Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier' died on Saturday. Many who fled his regime in the 1980s landed in South Florida. He was 63.
Congress approved arming moderate rebels in Syria to battle Islamic State militants. Experts say that might violate international law banning the use of force against duly constituted governments.
Russian President Putin's popularity has risen at home over his actions in Ukraine. But some Russians want a different future, and ex-oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky is telling them they're not alone.
Reza Baluchi created a floating "Hydro Pod" to run in. He was trying to run in the bubble from Miami to Bermuda.
It's been one of Brazil's most hotly contested presidential races in a generation. As expected incumbent Dilma Rousseff won, but not by enough to avoid a runoff later in the month.
Eric Barretto wanted to propose to his girlfriend over the ocean off San Diego. The air went out of the balloon and they made an emergency landing on the water. The balloon had to be towed to shore.