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Libya's oil terminals — like the Brega refinery and oil terminal, pictured...
The man who runs Libya's national oil company is struggling to resume production amid conflict and falling prices. A functioning oil industry might define whether Libya is a nation or a failed state.
Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland, whose films explore fascism and communist oppression, is guest-directing the new season of House of Cards. Host Indira Lakshaman asks Holland about the political undercurrents in her work.
The film Deli Man traces the history of the delicatessen in North America, from ethnic niche to mainstream. NPR's Indira Lakshmanan talks to Erik Greenberg Anjou about his new documentary.
The winter beat goes on in New England, with another major winter storm keeping road crews working overtime. Snow plow drivers in the Northeast are getting a heavy dose of hostility from residents.
Jeff Tweedy and Mavis Staples...
More than 15 years ago, Roebuck "Pops" Staples started recording his final album with his daughters. The two friends discuss working together to finish it.
Pope Francis had many accolades placed on him when he became Pope. Nearly two years later, host Indira Lakshmanan speaks with Catholic blogger Rocco Palmo about whether or not he's living up to his reputation.