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The emails were to go to future brides. Pinterest hoped to help them plan their special day. But many email recipients weren't tying the knot — they just showed interest in wedding related content.
Don Gonyea talks to with NPR Senior Political Correspondent Mara Liaison and Robert Costa of The Washington Post about the issues and key races in this fall's midterm elections.
Rebels from Chechnya have joined ranks with other jihadists in ISIS. David Greene talks to Gordan Hahn, author of Russia's Islamic Threat and an analyst for the Geostrategic Forecasting Corporation.
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has announced a special litigation team from the Department of Justice will launch a wide-ranging examination of Ferguson's law enforcement practices.
Analysts will watch Friday's jobless rate closely to see whether hiring held up in August. The question is whether there are signals deeper in the report that predict a change in the economic picture.
Instead of blank sheets, the students in Austria were given the version meant for professors to use to grade them.The students now have the pleasure of being re-tested next month.