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Laurel Braitman's new book was born out of a near-tragedy: her frantic dog almost leaped to its death from a third-story window. She talks to NPR's Don Gonyea about mental illness and Animal Madness.
For William Tsutsui, incoming president of Hendrix College and author of God...
Hendrix College's new president is an Ivy-League economist who's better known for his obsession with a certain giant lizard.
More than six years after the housing crash, the housing market may be better-than-dismal, but the slog back to normal is still disappointingly long and slow.
Not quite 3 years old, Oscar Bayeda is just learning to ride with the help o...
Paris streets are often too dangerous for kids to learn to ride, and most parents have no room to store bikes in their apartments. So the city has started renting bikes for smallest Parisiens.
The host team Brazil lives to play another day after a rivting World Cup match Saturday against Chile that was decided by a tie-breaking shootout.
The Supreme Court is expected to decide Monday whether healthcare plans must cover contraceptives, as NPR legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg tells NPR's Don Gonyea.