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The man was infected in Liberia but didn't develop symptoms until about 4 days after arriving in Dallas. His case raises concerns about how prepared airports and airlines are to handle the disease.
Senate Majority PAC, run by allies of Senate Majority Leader Reid, is the top-spending superPAC in the midterm election season. Its donors are essentially a compilation of the party's big-donor base.
In a new memoir, New York Times Op-Ed columnist Charles Blow opens up about abuse he has suffered, and inflicted in his life. He tells Michel Martin why he told his story in Fire Shut Up in My Bones.
Companies including PayPal and Apple are competing to convince merchants and consumers to use their swipe-and-go mobile payment systems. Credit card breaches may speed up the use of digital wallets.
Liberians in the Dallas area have been joining together as their home country struggles with Ebola. A man in Dallas is the first Ebola case confirmed in the U.S. He had recently traveled to Liberia.
Steve Inskeep talks to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about negotiations involving western nations and Iran over Iran's nuclear program.