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Melissa Block speaks with New York Times Tehran bureau chief Thomas Erdbrink about the massive public gatherings in Iran following the death of a young pop star that have caught the regime off guard.
The grand jury proceedings in the Michael Brown case are unusual in their length and in the large amount of evidence being heard. Host Melissa Block speaks with attorney and law professor Susan McGraugh.
Abdul-Rahman Kassig, formerly known as Peter Kassig, is the most recent American captive beheaded by ISIS. Melissa Block speaks with Kassig's college friend, Joe Dages.
Gary Wilmes, James Stanley, and Pete Simpson star in Young Jean Lee's Straig...
One of the hottest playwrights in American theater right now is 40-year-old Young Jean Lee. The Korean-American dramatist talked to NPR's Neda Ulaby about her new play opening tonight off Broadway.
Pipes for TransCanada's planned Keystone XL pipeline are stored in Gascoyne,...
The long-delayed project is a jobs generator to some and an ecological disaster to others. Ahead of a key Senate vote, we revisit what the Keystone XL pipeline would do and why it's so contentious.
Baby Sesay, 45, is a traditional healer. She treated a child who later died,...
Why is Sierra Leone reporting an uptick in Ebola cases while Liberia's outbreak is slowing? The chain of events in one village points up the obstacles that the country is facing.