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People trying to get help from the IRS to file their taxes are finding long lines, long waits on the phone and not much help. The IRS blames staff reductions on budget cuts spearheaded by Republicans.
News reports from Iran say Washington Post Tehran bureau chief Jason Rezaian will be tried for espionage, 10 months after his arrest. Renee Montagne talks to Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari.
Joseph T. Brennan Jr. survived an explosion in his car. He lit a cigarette while driving with gunpowder in the front seat. The Boston Globe quoted the injured man saying he had no "malicious" plans.
Over the weekend, 4,750 ukulele players traveled from all over French Polynesia to Tahiti to play "Bora Bora E." The attempt is being verified to see if the record was broken
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will review bill Tuesday that intends to give Congress a voice on the Iran nuclear agreement.
Four men who worked for the private military security firm formerly known as Blackwater were handed decades-long sentences Monday in connection with a shooting in Baghdad that left 17 civilians dead.