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In a video posted to YouTube last year by the women's health company Hello F...
Brands increasingly see tweens as a distinct consumer group. From menstruation products to underwear, advertisers are targeting young girls in an informal tone to gain loyal customers earlier on.
The legislature has passed a bill that would bar people on public assistance from using cash aid on theme parks, pools and casinos, or from withdrawing more than $25 per day from the ATM.
NPR's Melissa Block interviews Simon Henderson with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy about the wider impact of the conflict in Yemen.
Driver is best known for his role as Hannah's boyfriend on the HBO series Gi...
"You have a group of people trying to accomplish a mission that's greater than themselves," the actor says. "It's not about one person." Driver stars in the new film comedy While We're Young.
Fresh Air music critic Ken Tucker says the rapper's second album has an excitingly adventurous sound.
S.C. authorities continue to probe the police shooting of a black man in North Charleston. The man ran from an officer and cell phone video shows the officer shooting at the man's back as he flees.