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Residents of a Belgium city were sick of the congestion and noise from trucks rumbling between the local brewery and a nearby bottling plant. Construction on the pipeline begins next year.
The U.S. government has agreed to settle claims that it mismanaged funds and natural resources on the tribe's reservation. It's the largest settlement made with a single Native American tribe.
From bending iPhones to a glitchy new operating system, it's been a bad week for Apple. Are they simply bumps in the road or a sign of something amiss at Apple?
With the changing of seasons, U.S. Poet Laureate Charles Wright joins Melissa Block to read a poem that conjures feelings of autumn.
President Obama addressed a UN meeting on Ebola and urged other nations to join in the effort to fight the crisis.
The White House is trying to reprogram police culture with tighter rules for the use of force and a greater emphasis on defusing conflict. Veteran cops say it's a philosophy may get them killed.