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With Republican help, President Obama received fast-track authority to negotiate trade deals. Then, the Supreme Court upheld subsidies to Obamacare and legalized same-sex marriage.
Flowers left at the front door of Glover Grove Baptist Church in Warrenville...
Authorities are investigating fires that have damaged or destroyed black churches in South Carolina and nearby states following the murder of nine people at Charleston's Emanuel A.M.E. Church.
In Florida, an unmanned supply rocket blasted off for the International Space Station, but something went wrong. The loss of the rocket, which was also carrying experiments, is a setback for NASA.
A town in California's Central Valley is at the center of the state's drought. Renee Montagne talks to Pastor Roman Hernandez about the thousands of residents who don't have water in East Porterville.
Officials in Tunisia ordered some mosques closed and banned some fringe Islamist political parties. Some Tunisians fear the government is going too far by limiting personal and religious liberties.
Conservative churches and their congregants voiced the strongest opposition to same-sex marriages. Despite the high court's decision, some churches say they'll continue to obey a higher authority.