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Most people in the town of Old Forge, N.Y., want to refrain from feeding black bears. The trouble is, without the bears coming around as often as they do, the town stands to lose a lot of its tourism.
The small, gas-rich Arabian Gulf nation of Qatar played a key role in freeing U.S. hostage Peter Theo Curtis after nearly two years in Syria.
Students use Turnitin's software to check their papers for plagiarism before...
One company and its algorithms are changing the way America's schools handle classroom ethics.
The protests in Ferguson are a response to the shooting death of Michael Brown, but the heavy use of court fines and fees helps explain why there's so much anger directed at local police.
A scientist tests a patient's blood for Ebola at the European Mobile Laborat...
Scientists now think the entire outbreak in West Africa was triggered by one person and then the virus took off from there. Early signs pointed to a little boy in southern Guinea.
China's President Xi Jinping has launched a number of crackdowns since comin...
President Xi Jinping has suppressed Internet speech, imposed greater censorship and jailed critics. But his battle against corruption has made him broadly popular among ordinary Chinese.