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A cease-fire in eastern Ukraine takes effect Sunday, but it's far from clear whether the fighting is over. Host Indira Lakshmanan speaks with Andrew Kramer of the New York Times about the situation on the ground.
A graduate student recently uncovered video footage of one of the worst nautical disasters in U.S. History. Nate Dimeo shares a story about the S.S. Eastland from his podcast, The Memory Palace.
Sunday Puzzle...
Every answer is a word or name of three or more syllables in which an interior syllable is an accented "la."
The recipe for guacamole in musician Jack White's concert rider is more like...
Jack White is a meticulous musician, so it's no surprise that his homemade guacamole has to be well crafted, like his music. And Peruvian chef Martin Morales thinks White has a pretty good recipe.
The suspect in the shooting deaths of three Muslim students in North Carolina is a self-described anti-theist, what some some experts see as a new extremism developing among some atheists.
Work is one of the main places people find love. Yet romantic entanglement can also complicate things for workers and employers. Some firms have "love contracts" to enforce rules on office dating.