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This week, the CDC issued new guidelines on the protective gear health care workers should wear while treating Ebola patients. But there's still debate in Liberia about what is the proper personal protective equipment.
A debate has begun in Canada about how to respond to this week's murders of two Canadian soldiers, and the government plans to introduce new measures to strengthen the powers of the security services.
Ebola survivor Salome Karwah holds a 10-month-old baby whose parents are bei...
As Liberians fight Ebola, Americans struggle with fear of the disease.
Tyrone Bogues had a passion for basketball at an early age. Growing up in Ba...
At 5 foot 3, Muggsy Bogues holds the record as shortest player in NBA history. Criticism of his height started on the basketball courts of the Baltimore projects, and continued well into his career.
Ukraine's parliamentary election is Sunday and the two big issues are the war against separatists and the nation's corruption. Arun Rath talks with Corey Flintoff about the challenges of holding an election there.
When the Giants' Gregor Blanco hit this solo home run to lead off the World ...
You can thank audio engineer Joe Carpenter and his 80 microphones every time you hear the crack of a bat, smack of a glove or thud of a base in this World Series.