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Pitcher Jon Lester caught a ground ball but it got stuck in the webbing of his glove — he couldn't throw the ball. Finally, he threw the entire glove to the first baseman, who caught it for the out.
Firefighters in Middleton, Idaho, heard cries from a burning house — cries they thought were people trapped inside. Luckily for the parrots, they had been trained to cry for help in an emergency.
Maya, shown with her newborn son Kip, had to use her wits to rise above her ...
Macaque monkeys born at the top of society live like royalty. The new film from Disneynature follows a monkey born at the bottom of the pile who struggles to makes a better life for her and her son.
Voices in the Night cover photo....
What do Rapunzel, the Buddha and small-town America have in common? Deceptively safe spaces, says Steven Millhauser. The Pulitzer Prize winner's new short story collection is Voices in the Night.
System of a Down is made up of four Los Angelenos of Armenian descent. This ...
The band is performing in its ethnic homeland for the first time, on the centennial of the Armenian genocide. Singer Serj Tankian says that as historical events go, this one couldn't be more personal.
Video games are now being patched for problems after they are released, which makes reviewing them difficult. NPR's Arun Rath interviews Chris Kohler of Wired about how to keep game reviews relevant.