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Melissa Block speaks with E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and David Brooks of the New York Times about Jeb Bush, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Cuba and the president's year-end news conference.
The new film from British director Mike Leigh, Mr. Turner, takes up an historical figure: iconic British painter JMW Turner. But it also incorporates another theme of Leigh's: the human story of the working person. Painting was Turner's job and he was as down to earth as a factory worker.
Melissa Block talks to Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, who is completing a tour of the West African nations most deeply affected by the Ebola outbreak.
We have Cuban reaction to the move toward normalization of ties between the country and the U.S.
Some say a vaunted attempt to improve the quality of colleges is dead on arrival. Let's find out why.
Thousands gathered on the National Mall last week to protest the deaths of E...
Students at several law schools say events in Ferguson and New York have left them too upset to study. Others are more concerned about how the extra study time will affect the grading curve.