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Thanks in part to the nearby oil and gas boom, Denver is seeing a flood of affluent professionals with a hunger for good food. The city's population has ballooned in the last couple of years.
During the search for 43 missing students in the Mexican state of Guerrero, more than a dozen other graves have been found in and around the area of Iguala.
Denmark and Greenland are claiming ownership of about 350,000 square miles of the Arctic. Some of that territory includes the North Pole. Russia and Canada think the area should belong to them.
A gunman, with apparent sympathies to radical Islamist groups in the Middle East, held 50 people hostage before being killed by a police SWAT team. Steve Inskeep talks to journalist Stuart Cohen.
Unidentified hackers have been releasing internal documents from Sony Pictures Entertainment. Renee Montagne talks to Kim Zetter, a senior staff reporter at Wired magazine, about the attack.
Over the weekend, a champion was crowned in the Middle East's version of American Idol. Syrians cheered as 21-year-old Hazem Sherif from the war-scarred city of Aleppo was announced the winner.