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Twenty-year-old Bella King talks about what it was like for her to grow up and come out as transgender.
NPR's Melissa Block speaks with John Pistole about the report that found 95 percent of recent covert tests of airport screeners were able to get past security.
The English actress has been nominated for a Tony Award for her role in the Broadway revival of Skylight. She also stars in the film adaptation of the Thomas Hardy novel Far From the Madding Crowd.
Bassist Gary Peacock, pianist Marc Copland and drummer Joey Baron bring an airy, elastic swing to their new album, Now This. Critic Kevin Whitehead says the players pull the melodies together well.
Travel (near and far), literary souvenirs and the crucial companionship of humankind's best friend are the subjects of the books on Maureen Corrigan's early summer reading list.
Wearable technology could be coming to your workplace. Financial Times reporter Sarah O'Connor talks to Renee Montagne about the benefits and pitfalls of wearable tech at work.