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British Prime Minister David Cameron visited Scotland on Monday in a last minute effort to persuade Scots to vote for unity in this week's referendum.
Amid the debate over the appropriateness of kids' use of the Internet comes the release of two kids' music albums that celebrate a less digital world.
The Egyptian government issued stamps to commemorate its historic Suez Canal. But there's one little problem — the photo on the stamp is actually of the Panama Canal.
President Obama is set to ramp up the U.S. response to the Ebola outbreak, in part because of concerns that if the virus continues to spread, it could mutate and become more contagious.
Can you re-invent lively pop from the distant past? Fresh Air music critic Milo Miles says the songwriting team Tennis does just that with their new third album, Ritual in Repeat.
Josh Thomas, 27, stars in the show geared toward 20-somethings on the new cable channel Pivot. He talks about coming out to his dad via text message and dealing with his mom's suicide attempts.