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Emily Gould's first novel stars 30-something single women in New York City who are figuring out what's important in life. It's worth picking up for its sharp social observations and inspired wordplay.
The Federal Trade Commission says the illegal charges were for premium services customers didn't order. T-Mobile says the suit is unfounded, and that it stopped billing for the services last year.
According to the AP, June was a good month overall for automakers — with over 1 million cars sold. Analysts told the AP that the recalls themselves could have been what caused the surge in sales.
David Greene talks to Jennifer Reingold of Fortune magazine about what Robert McDonald can bring to the Department of Veterans Affairs. McDonald needs to win Senate confirmation.
Between 2007 and 2012, Census Bureau data show the number of breweries in the U.S. more than doubled to 869. And shipments from those breweries went up almost 34 percent.
All through the World Cup, Kansas City has been a terrific place to watch a match. Interest in soccer has exploded there, stoked by the rise of the city's professional soccer team.