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NPR's Scott Simon talks with the Los Angeles Times' Richard Verrier about Sarah Jones, who died on the Midnight Rider set. Director Randall Miller will serve two years for involuntary manslaughter.
Washington Desk editor Ron Elving joins NPR's Scott Simon to discuss the week in politics: Hillary Clinton's email troubles, the Secret Service accident, the Republican senators' letter to Iran, and more.
The oldest mummies in the world are in northern Chile. Preserved for seven thousand years, the mummies are now deteriorating, and scientists say climate changes are to blame.
St. Louis Alderman Antonio French joins NPR's Scott Simon to discuss the recent police shooting in Ferguson and the changes he feels need to happen in response to the Department of Justice report.
David Teie talked with us last week about his cat-friendly music. This week, we share how some of Weekend Edition's feline listeners reacted to Teie's tunes.
NPR's Scott Simon remembers Chicago civil rights leader Rev. Willie Barrow. She became an activist at 12, and later marched with Martin Luther King Jr.