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Lawmakers grilled an MIT professor on Tuesday over controversial comments he made about Obamacare. Jon Gruber has been one of the law's strongest advocates, but he also said the law passed with a big assist from voters' "stupidity."
Robert Siegel talks with NASA scientist, John Grotzinger, about the origins of a mountain discovered by the Curiosity rover on Mars.
In the past week, protests over the decisions not to indict police in two separate fatal incidents spread to communities around the country. We hear from two of the demonstrations in Berkeley, Calif., and Washington, D.C.
Ghostface Killah's new album, 36 Seasons, sees the rapper revive his Tony St...
Ghostface Killah's new 36 Seasons is a concept album with a big cast. It stars his Tony Starks alter ego in dense action scenes.
Audie Cornish talks to former Deputy CIA Director John McLaughlin about his objections to the Senate Intelligence Committee's so-called torture report.
Quvenzhané Wallis, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Beasts of...
The famously redheaded orphan is played this time by African American actress Quvenzhané Wallis. "The original Annie had a red Afro," points out Indiana University scholar Terri Francis.