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Dr. Kevin Fong explores how humans survive extremes of heat, cold, outer space and deep sea. He compares the exploration of medicine with the "explorers of the 20th century and every age before them."
President Obama is in Panama, where he'll share the stage with Cuban President Raul Castro. It's the first time they will interact since the 2 Cold War adversaries moved toward normalizing relations.
On the sidelines of the Americas summit, tensions rose for a second day between pro and anti-Castro participants. On Wednesday, two opposing Cuban groups actually came to blows at a Panama City park.
Steve Inskeep talks to Chris Gunness, a spokesman for the U.N.'s relief agency, about the situation at Syria's Yarmouk refugee camp. Militants from the self-proclaimed Islamic State control the area.
Cell phone video led to murder charges against a S.C. police officer for the shooting death of an unarmed man. Eyewitness videos can be helpful, but they don't always result in criminal charges.
Rand Paul kicked off his campaign with media interviews and stops in states with early nominating contests. Reporters wanted to know if he'd shifted his views to better appeal to GOP voters.